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Orthopaedic Clinic

Choosing an Orthopedic Residency.
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Why do people choose Ortho?
Actual experiences have strong influece on the candidates. Child hood memory of trauma, fractures etc
Positive impact during clinical rotations: The biomechanical and common sense involved.
Variety of cases and subspecialities.
Chalenge and the actual ability to do something with their own hand.
Good compensations monetary as well as in terms of life style.
What people donot like about Ortho?
Amount of Medico legal work involved.
Strenous work hours.
Emergency calls durig routine hours in a private setup.
High malpractice claims.
Personality traits that best characterize Orthopods:
Have overt enthusiasm for action.
Like to see results fast.
Tend to be more objective and see in terms of black and white.
Need to develop patience.
Skills and Talent important n Ortho:
Good Hand coordination.
Biomechanical mind.
Ability to deal with pain problems.
NOT necessarily physically stronger but good atheletic type endurance.

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