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Orthopaedic Clinic

Marketing your practice

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The word marketing is usually associated with a negative connotation when used in conjunction with health care, but it need not always be so. A good clean marketing not only help the health provider but also the health care recievers on an equal if not a greater magnitude. The section contains tips on how to go about marketing your practice:
Marketing Plan:
  1. You must define the services you are delivering.
  2. Communicate the message to those persons and organistaion that will derive benifit from your services.
  3. Familiarise yourself with basic communication and marketing tools that will help you effectively convey your message.
  4. Ensure a top level of customer satisfaction,make sure that the customer service is a part of your culture by your approach to your patients, staff, referral sources and your insurance payers.

How are you communicating?

Patient Education:

Pre vist information: websites, wriiten materials, brouchers etc.

Through out the clinical encounter.

Post discharge.

Referral source communication:

Hospital and staff.

Referring Physicians.

employer and their employees.

Case manager.

Communication Medias:

General consumer advertising.

Direct Marketing ( Letters, News letters, etc)

Public service announcements.


Personal Contact.

Professional Speaking engagements.

Keeping an information of good referral source:

  1. Nurses.
  2. Primary care physicains.
  3. Chiropractors and bone setters.
  4. Media.
  5. Satisfied patients
  6. Internet.
  7. Yellow Pages.
  8. Case managers.
  9. ER and consukts.
  10. Hospital referral services.

Personal Marketing:

First impression: Always keep your best foot forward, remeber you have only first chance to make a first impression. You should encite a confidence for yourself in the person you are meeting. " To win a man to your way of thinking first convince him you are a friend."


Neat and clean.

Hair groomed and well cut.

Professional Clothing.


Have agood tone: Cheerful, condescending, concerned depending on what the situation demands.

Improve your Inflection:

Practice stressing key words or phrases.

Breathe slowly and deeply.

Lower your pitch to sound reassuring and authorative.

Increase the pitch to convey enthusiasm and energy.

Put a smile in your voice.

Improve your volume control.

Get over yourself: Leave behind the intimidation, arrogance and egotism that you imbibed during your residency years.

Key practice ares to understand:

Clinical services ( staff and physicains).

Physician governance and leadership.

daily management.

Front desk and patient acesses.

Coding/ billing and insurance.


Payer contracting.

Medical record keeping.

Human Resource management.

Key performance indicators:

Market penetration.

New patient volume.

Accounts recieveable and payable.

Overhead percentages.

Operative to Non operative ratios.

Some factors that impact patient inflow:

  1. Waiting time.
  2. Feedback on test result.
  3. Telephone Ettiquettes.
  4. Adequate parking.
  5. Phone calls returned.
  6. Helpfullness of the administrative office.
  7. Receptionist friendly and knew their name.
  8. Staff eager to help.
  9. Comfort of facilities.
  10. Acting on feedbacks from patients and referral sources.


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