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Orthopaedic Clinic

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Orthosis has been defined by International standard organisation as an externally applied device used to modify the structural or functional characterstics of the neuro musculoskeltal system. The word has been derived from the greek "orthos" meaning straight, upright or correct.
Commonly used abbreviations:
  • ADL: Activities of daily living.
  • AFO: ankle-foot orthoses.
  • AO: Ankle orthoses.
  • CO: Cervical Orthoses.
  • CTLSO: Cervicothoracolumbosacral orthosis.
  • CTO: Cervicothoracic orthosis.
  • HKO: hip knee orthoses.
  • LSO: Lumbo sacral orthoses.
  • TLSO: Thoracolumbosacral orthoses.
  • W/C: Wheel chair.
Primary purpose of orthotics is to improve body function by:
  1. Applying or substracting forces from the body in a controlled manner to protect a body part.
  2. Restrict or altering motion to prevent or correct a deformity.
  3. Compensating for  adeformity or weakness.

Matreials used :

  • Plastic: thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics.
  • Metals.
  • Fabric and leathers.



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