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Orthopaedic Clinic

New Kid on the block: Setting up a Practice

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Asessing a practice:
  1. what is important to you in a practice.
  2. what to look for in a practice area.
  3. what to look for in a practice environment.
  4. potential ptfalls of the dael.
Estabilishing relationship with in the hospital:
  1. OR staffs.
  2. Do straight forward cases initially.
  3. Leave yourself plenty of time.
  4. Be patient with your staff.
  5. Administration, marketing consultant, physician referral services are some of the ways in which a hospital can help you build your practice.
  6. Unit staff can be important referral source, cultivate a healthy relationship.
Building relationships with in the practice:
  1. Remember you are the new kid on the block.
  2. Office ethics are paramount in a long term carrier.
  3. Credentialing, giving due credits to your referral source will go a long way in building your practice.
  4. Coding and buisness side of the practice are equally important.
Estabilishing  a relationship with reffering physicians and community:
Develop referral relationship with potential referres:
  1. General Practitioners.
  2. Staff at Hospital.
  3. Worker Compensation managers, government referrals.
  4. Word of mouth.
  5. Attorneys.
  6. Public at large.
  7. Most importantly develop a relationship with your patients.

Remember 4 A's:

  1. Affable.
  2. Available.
  3. Able.
  4. Affordable.

Your Challenges:

  1. Advocating for the patients.
  2. partnering with Hospitals.
  3. Growing your Buisness.
  4. Enhancing your training skills.

Your saviours:

  1. Organising tyour thought and tools.
  2. Objective identification of pro's and con's of each potential practice.
  3. Involving your family.
  4. Having an attorney review your contract and talk with administration about the compensation package, over head obligations, and future increments.

Some tips:

Every action should be able to pass a 'front page test': That is pass thorough scrutiny of public, media, government and your own conscience.

Always err on the conservative side.

Document well.

Do what you know and know what you do...


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