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Orthopaedic Clinic

Signing a contract.

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Remember Contract is for bad times...
Understanding the employemnet contract is mandatory to ensure a secure future.Always read the entire document, and if you donot understand any part of it clarify it. Take time to llok up at the questionable terminologies. Preferrably have an attorney specialising in the medical contract go over the contract.
Features of a good employment contract:
  1. Clearly defined initial term of employement.
  2. Renewal terms in writting.
  3. Termination Clause.
  4. For ' a ' cause termination clause.
  5. Responsibility and duties list
  6. Priveleges and benifits list.
  7. Compensation criteria.
  8. Professional Liability terms
  9. Defined Locations.
  10. Continuing Education Clause.

Finally " donot take any contract for granted; signing a contact should give you a piece of mind and a sound sleep and not insomnia and dyspepsia".


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