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Orthopaedic Clinic

Impaired Physician: Healing the Healer

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Magnitude Of the problem:
2-14% of physicians have drug or alcholproblem.
3-4 times suicide rate for female physicians compared to general population.
20% physicians have a life time affective illnes.
35% physicians diciplined by medical boards have had  a history of unprofessional behaviour in the medical school.
Cause of The problem:
  1. Fancy Factor: Medical students and residents are fascinated with drugs and chemicals.
  2. Experimenation: long hours, high degree of competitive environment, compulsive behaviour, inflexibility, family problems.
  3. Stress-> Denial ->Avoidance -> Projection ->Distortion.
  4. Early life trauma issues, family illnessess, substance abuse and medical problem can take their toll.
  5. Physicians donot have their own physicians.

How To identify the problem? : Look for the warning signs:

Quality of work detteroriation, interpersonal styles, tardiness, sick days, poor concentration, apathy, behind schedules, withdrawl, family and marital problems, volatile behavior, mistakes, poor judgement, little insight.

Common Symptoms: Mood swings, fatigue, insomnia, profanity, self pity, dietary extremes, procrastination, poor interpersonal relationships.


Counselors, Group Counselling: AA, NA, Mentor programs, monitoring.

Stages of Recovery:

  1. Initial Denial.
  2. Compliance.
  3. Acceptance ( Submission)
  4. Surrender ( Full acknowledgement of the problem).

There is a high rate of recovery among the physicians. ( 74 - 90% )





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